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Our Products

  • Desktop PC (Home & Brand PC)We have ASUS, DELL, HP & Lenovo Brand PC. We can provide you Clone PC's also. We can provide you Dual Core to Core i-7 Pc's as per your requirement.
  • LaptopYou can buy ASUS, DELL, HP, Toshiba, Compaq Laptops from our outlet.
  • PrinterWe sell EPSON, SAMSUNG, HP, CANON, SEWOO Printers. You can buy Laser, Inkjet, Colour Laser Printers as well as Barcode Printers also.
  • Toner CatridgesWe have our brand Toner's in Bangladesh which is very cost effective. We have EURO, Vision as well as G&G Brand Toner. You will get same performance between Original and our Brands. So, WHY Original? Lets try our Brand & save your money.
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